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At Bob Wines Camellia Gardens & Nursery in Ocala, FL, we are passionate about camellias! Our founder, Bob Wines Sr., developed his passion for camellias while he was traveling the country. He enjoyed all the different varieties of the flower and served as his inspiration for our nursery. He even created his own, known as the Black Lace Peony, which was recognized by the American Camellia Society. He also won many awards for his flowers and work. 

Today, we have an extensive selection with thousands of camellias in stock. We are the largest nursery and camellia garden in the north-central Florida area. The original garden is on three and a half acres, but the total nursery, the entire property, is five acres.

Camellias' sizes start as one-gallon pots and increase from there. Our camellia offerings come in a vast selection of different colors and varieties. Browse through our acres of options, we are sure you’ll find something to compliment your garden at home.

Contact us today at 352-629-5766 for more information about camellias.

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